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Shillong on 28th September
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Magical Nagaland

Located in the north eastern most part of India, Nagaland shares an international boundary with Myammar in the east. The state exhibits its greatness in nature's serenity, offering immense possibilities for adventures and exploring the myriads of nature. Blessed with rich and colourful culture the people extends this gift through celebrations of various feasts and festivals. Kohima as its capital is a point of connection to other destinations. Being strategically located, Kohima became the battlefield during the World War 2 which was fought between the British and Japanese from April to June 1944. Though the importance of the Battle of Kohima was not fully recognised at the time, this hill station became a turning point in the war against Japan and the Bristish vistory over Japanese at Kohima waas named Britain's greatest battle.

Nagaland boosts as the 'Land of Festivals'. Hornbill festival remains as a testimonial to the fact stated. This festival was launched in 2000 by the Tourism Department, Government of Nagaland, to promote the tourism industry in Nagaland. Food, dance and sontgs are celebrated with great fervour. Each Tribe (seventeen tribes in Nagaland) has its own traditional attire, tatse in local food, and festivals that defines the identity of the concerned tribe at its best. All over Nagaland festivals are celebrated to appease gods for a bountiful harvestand have deep connections with the agricultural aspects of farming. There are festivals year round which unravel the indepth inclination of the Naga people towards a religious, social belief system.



The easternmost region representing both a geographic and political administrative division of the country of India comprises of eight states is called North East India.
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura are typically known as the “Seven Sisters” and Sikkim is considered the “Brother” of the other

The North East region is adorned with majestic mountains and scenic landscapes, rooted deeply in the rich cultural heritage of the tribal people. Festivities are typical
considering the rich traditions and traditional beliefs of the people. North East India also boast of its unique Flora and Fauna distinct to only these parts of the world. North East India can be physiographically categorized into the Eastern Himalayas, the Patkai Range, and the Brahmaputra valley and Barak valley in the plains.

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We are experienced at organizing trips in North East India venturing into the cultural diversity of the varied Tribal villages. Well-versed with the diverse traditions and tales, we take you to immerse in the aesthetics of each culture, which are often not found or mentioned in the history books. We also organize trips to the serene kingdom of Bhutan nestled between China and West Bengal, Sikkim, and Assam in India.

Offering experiential tours such as Battlefield Tours to recall the rich history of the bygone days; Culinary Tours for foodies who wants to experience and try out different cuisines; Art and Craft Tours for crafters and artisans; Festival Tours to experience the rich culture of festivals in the NE region; Birding Tours for people who love to discover the flora
and fauna; and Adventure Tours for the daredevils.


Alder Tours & Travels gives you the right package to suit your budget and your interests with tailormade itineraries at the best possible price.

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"I highly recommend Kevi and Alder Tours if you are visiting Nagaland. He has an fantastic breadth of knowledge of the cultures you will encounter and runs his tours in a considerate and efficient way, listening to every need of his guests. I will certainly tell my friends and family to use Kevi and Alder Tours when they visit."

Jana M, London UK

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