Arunachal Pradesh


Arunachal Pradesh lies in the easternmost part of India and is also popularly called ‘land of rising sun’, It is one of the remotest but also one of the loveliest state in India.  Arunachal Pradesh has an area of about 83743 sq. kms and it has has
a very long international border with Bhutan to the west, China in the north and Myanmar in the east.  It stretches from snow-capped mountains in the north to the plains of Brahmaputra valley in the south. Arunachal is the largest state area-wise in the north-east region, even larger than Assam which is the most populous.

arunachal-pradeshItanagar is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh and located at an altitude of 530 meters above MSL. It is named after ‘Itafort’ meaning fort of bricks built in 14th century A.D. The geographical isolation makes Arunachal Pradesh such a unique holiday destination for mainland Indians and foreign tourist as well.

The people of Arunachal Pradesh are by nature simple and hospitable people. The majority of the population of the state is tribal. There are 20 major tribes and a number of sub-tribes inhabiting the area. Most of these communities have similar characteristics and common practices but the geographical isolation from each other has brought amongst them certain distinctive characteristics in language, dress and customs and traditions.

Arunachal has a number archaeological remains and places of worship and pilgrimage located at different places which is a proof of its rich cultural heritage.  Arunachal has not only a glorious heritage of arts and crafts but also of colourful festivals. It also has a salubrious climate and has a very inviting and beautiful landscape for its visitors to relax in its picturesque hills and valleys. Arunachal also provides abundant scope for angling, boating, rafting, trekking and hiking. Besides, there are a number of wild life sanctuaries and national parks where rare animals, birds and plants attracts the visitor.



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